Track Listing: 1) Our Hometown; 2) The Colville Bridge; 3) Maiden City Waltz; 4) Ed Fogle; 5) Stability; 6) She Always Calls Me Honey; 7) Almost There; 8) Feed Sack Dress; 9) She's a Country Star; 10) Forgiveness; 11) The Ballad of David Sheely; 12) Small Town Scars  

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Small Town Scars

Written, Performed, Recorded, and Produced by Alson Cole

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In 2011, I released Small Town Scars, a thematic album of songs I wrote that seemed to sum up how I felt about a lot of things at that time. The album is available via many online music stores, such as iTunes and Amazon. A limited number of hard copy CDs are also available. (For ordering information, submit a message on the Contact page.)  

Described as "folksy Americana with a hint of bluegrass," many of the songs on Small Town Scars are story songs, and almost all of the songs are based on actual events.